Term & Conditions

This rental terms and conditions is applied to Villa Soraya operated by Inspiring Properties Limited trading as inspiringvillas.com “Inspiring Villas” Booking a Property is very different from booking a regular hotel room, please read the following conditions carefully.

1. **ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE TIMES** Unless agreed otherwise by the Lessor, check in time is 3:00pm and check out time is 12 noon. + **Early arrival** or late departure will depend upon availability of the villa. The early check in fee is 50% of nightly booked rate from 10 am onwards and this includes our chef to prepare lunch. + **The late check out fee** is also 50% of nightly booked rate until 6 pm. After 6:00pm, the full daily rate is applicable. 2. **REGISTERED GUESTS** Only the number of persons stipulated in the Rental Agreement may reside at the property as guests. Registered guests cannot exceed the number of guests provided at the time of booking by the lessee. Should the Lessor or the Lessor Representative find that the number of people staying at the property exceeds the number of registered guests, the Lessor or the Lessor Representative may, at his or her absolute discretion,ask the extra person or persons to either pay the applicable additional charge as per thepublished rate or to vacate the property forth with. The cost for unregistered guests isUS $300.00 per person per night. Extra mattresses can also be provided for additionalguests by prior arrangement at the villa. This will incur an additional cost of US $150.00per single mattress for adult and USD $50 for children between the age of 3-12 yearsold, Additional linen set up request cost USD 50 per person per night. 3. **EVENTS & WEDDINGS** In case an event, wedding or party is to be organized within the property for a numberof guests in excess of the registered guests in the villas, a surcharge start from of $1,000USD Event Fee will be applicable and the guest must warn the Lessor of the party. Inaddition, a guarantee security deposit of $3,000 USD will be collected on site fromwhich a cleaning surcharge of up to $350 USD will be deducted before refund to theLessee. All events and weddings must be organized by professional planer as our villa staff arenot able to assist with planning. A plan for the event must be submitted to the VillaConcierge for approval at least 1 month prior to the date of the wedding or event. 4. **PETS** No pets are allowed on the entire property. 5. **PAYMENT** When booking the villa less than six months in advance, within 5 days of booking, aminimum deposit of 50% will be required. This deposit is non-refundable. If you are booking the villa more than six months in advance, a 25% deposit isdue within 5 business days of booking. The additional 25% of the deposit will berequested 6 months prior to your stay. Payment is due in full 45 days before yourexpected arrival date or 60 days prior to arrival (stay periods of high season, which isChinese New Year, Easter, Christmas, and New Year, and any other periods which arenotified at the time of confirmation). No contract will exist between the guest and villa owner until receipt of funds.If funds are not received within 5 banking days the reservation shall be deemedcancelled and Inspiring Villas or the villa owner reserves the right to allocate the Villato another client. If the required deposit payment is not received within 5 business days,Inspiring Villas reserves the right to void the guest’s booking request without anynotice. + If the booking is made less than 30 days prior to arrival, then full payment will berequired within 5 business days after the booking is confirmed. + If the booking is made 7 days or less prior to arrival, then full payment will berequired not later than 72 hours after the booking is confirmed + Bookings which are made less than 72 hours or less before arrival required creditcard payment within 24 hours of booking. If payments are not made on or before the due dates as required herein, the Owner orthe Owner’s Representative may cancel the booking, in which case this Rental Contractwill be thereby terminated without any further notice required. Cancellation chargesmay apply as detailed below. 6. **ADDITIONAL COSTS** The cost of electricity, Wireless Internet, mains water, cleaning and garden supplies,and local taxes are included in rental rates. Only provisioning costs plus 20%surcharged of shopping bill will be the Guest’s responsibility. Gratuities forhousehold staff are encouraged and normal, but are left entirely to the Guest’sdiscretion. 7. **MINIMUM STAY REQUIREMENTS** There is a minimum 3 days stay requirement for most of the year. During peakseasons (Christmas & New Year), the minimum stay is from 7 to 10 days. Forholidays such as Easter and Chinese New Year, the minimum stay is 5 days. This maynot be applicable to some villas. 8. **CANCELLATION POLICIES** The cancellation will take effect from the day the written confirmation is received(email acceptable). The following cancellation charges will be applicable depending on when the notification of the cancellation is received in writing and the period of stay in the Villa. All cancellations made by the Lessee are subject to penalties below: The deposit is non-refundable. + A) If the Lessee cancels the reservation 45 days or more prior to arrival date, allpayments are forfeited but credited for 9 months from the date of the cancellationconfirmation by the Lessor. The credit value can be used by the Lessee or anyone onhis or her behalf for any reservation, during any period upon availability and solely forthe villa initially reserved. + B) If the Lessee cancels the reservation within 45 days prior to arrival date, allrental payments are forfeited. A full or partial refund is solely applicable in the eventthat the Lessor secures another reservation covering partially or fully the initialcancelled reservation + C) Christmas and New Year Period, for any cancellation after the deposit and/orbalance payment, all payments are forfeited. However, a full or partial refund is solelyapplicable in the event that the Lessor secures another reservation covering partially orfully the initial and cancelled reservation. The above cancellation charges also apply ifthe Lessor cancels the booking due to non-payment of the balance. Notice of cancellation must be received in writing via email. Furthermore, uponcancellation of a booking, $100 USD cancelation fee will be applied and deducted fromthe money paid, and IV will refund any remaining balance to the renter (Bank fee notapplicable). 9. **AMENDMENTS** Once a booking confirmation, a fee of USD 50 will apply to each amendment madewhen reschedule are made to an existing booking which applicable with the same villaonly. If the price of amended booking period is less than the original booking, thedifference will not be reimbursed to the guest. However, if the price of the new amendedbooking period is higher than the original booking, the difference may be charged to theguest. Inspiring Villas will do its best to accommodate any reasonable amendments, butthe guest should be aware that some changes may not be possible. Regarding to the event that InspiringVillas cannot accommodate the villa booked by theguest for any reason including the sale of a property and force majeure. In the event ofchanges or complete cancellation, InspiringVillas ’s / Villa Owner lability will limitedto the refund of 100% of the amount paid. In no event will InspiringVillas/ Villa Ownerbe responsible for any consequential or incidental damages, including travel expense,alternative lodging, or other expense. 10. **SECURITY DEPOSIT** A US$1,000 security deposit is payable at the time payment is provided. Guest can paydirectly to the Owner before arrival or Owner’s Representative immediately uponarrival at the Property. Access to the Property may be refused if security deposit is notpaid in full. We accept the security deposit in any of currency equivalent of requestedamount in USD. The security deposit will normally be refunded at the end of the rental period, after deducting all additional expenses incurred on the Guest’s behalf duringguest’s stay or the cost of replacement or repair for any loss or damage to the Property 11. **LESSEE’S INSURANCE** Each guest must have comprehensive travel insurance (including cancellation, flightdelays, loss and damage to baggage and other property) and health insurance (includingevacuation and repatriation coverage). Public liability insurance is also required. 12. **FORCE MAJEURE** Lessor shall not be responsible for any delay, additional expense or inconveniencecaused directly or indirectly by events outside of Lessor's control such as civildisturbances, fires, floods, severe weather, or Acts of God. 13. **COMPLAINTS** Any problems or complaints that occur during the rental period should first be discussedwith the local staff. If the staff is unable to quickly resolve the issue, please consult theConcierge or The Inspiring Villas, who will rectify the situation to the best of theirprofessional ability. The Lessor is not responsible for such issues as interruptions towater supply, electricity, Internet connection, cable TV, or breakdowns of lifts or poolfiltration systems. The Lessor will do everything within reasonable expectation to avoidcomplaints in the first place, and it is understood that when staying in a less developedremote resort location, that infrastructure, local standards, and conditions are typicallyless developed than in urban environments. Any complaints should be written and givento the Lessor within 24 hours of the time the issue occurred. 14. **CONDUCT & BEHAVIOUR** Properties are generally located in quiet residential neighborhoods. The Guest is askedto respect this, and ensure that all guests and visitors to the Property behaveappropriately. Illegal or immoral activities including gambling, prostitution, prohibiteddrugs, possession or use of pyrotechnics or dangerous goods, and possession or use offirearms and other weapons are all strictly prohibited. Smoking is generally prohibitedunless stated otherwise in the booking confirmation or reservation voucher. The Guest is responsible for the behavior of the guests staying at the Property, as wellas visitors to the Property during the Rental Period. Should any guest(s) or visitor(s)not behave in a suitable manner, the Owner or Owner’s Representative may, in theirabsolute discretion, require the Guest, their party and/or visitor(s) to leave the premisesand/or vacate the Property immediately, without compensation or refundIn the interests of safety, due care should be taken at the Property at all times, especiallywith children. Suitable supervision should be given around pools, beaches and roads,and when using all Property’s facilities. 15. **SOCIAL CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY** The Lessor and the local representative endeavour to contribute to the fight againstchild prostitution and trafficking. It is also prohibited to act unlawfully in any waywhatsoever and to bring in and/or use/consume any illegal substances. Policeauthorities will be immediately informed of any offenders. In addition, in line with its moral duty and respect for the local employees, as well as for the safety of our valuedguests and the protection of the property, it is not permitted to bring male or femalejoiners back to the villa. 16. **STAFF AT THE VILLAS** The service of some staff is included at the villa. Additional services such as those ofbabysitters and/or drivers can be sourced in advance or on site upon request. Althoughsuch services cannot be guaranteed and will depend on availability, the Villa Conciergewill do their best to find suitable arrangements. Under NO circumstances can staff atthe Villa be asked to look after any minors staying at the Villa. The Lessee shall allowstaff, pool maintenance and gardeners reasonable access to the Villa and the groundsfor the purpose of maintaining the Villa and the grounds, pool and property. 17. **FOOD AND BEVERAGE** All food and beverage items purchased on behalf of guests will be charged to guests atcost plus 20%. The 20% surcharge covers cooking gas, transportation and all costsincurred from cooking and kitchen-related expenses. 18. **LINEN & TOWELS** Linen and towels are provided at the Villa. We have adopted a "Save the Planet" eco-policy, so the linens are changed every four (4) days, or as deemed necessary. If morefrequent changes are required, there may be extra charges. Towels will be replacedwhen they are placed in the towel basket. 19. **FURNITURE** All interior furnishings and furniture must remain inside the villa, and only exteriorfurnishings and designated outdoor furniture may be used for external purposes. 20. **TRANSFERS** Rates exclude airport pick up and return. Taxis and airport transfers can be arrangedthrough the Villa Concierge. Local taxis can be arranged by the Villa Concierge or theVilla Manager. 21. **LESSOR’S INSURANCE** The Lessee agrees not to do, or permit to be done, anything whereby any insurance ofthe Villa against loss or damage by fire may become void or avoidable or whereby therate of premium for any such insurance may be increased. 22. **DUE CARE AND SUPERVISON/INDEMNITY** The Lessee accepts and acknowledges that he or she is responsible and liable for thesafety and well being of all guests and third parties staying at the Villa during the timeof the rental. The Lessee and guests are required to take due care when residing at thevilla and be especially watchful of children playing in the gardens, near the entrancefrom the main road, or near or in the pool. Children MUST be under direct supervisionof an adult at all times when staying at the Villa. Due to the location of the site, the villahas some unprotected areas. The Lessee has to keep a strong awareness as to thewhereabouts of all guests in his or her party. Furthermore, guests are not permitted toenter the Villa when wet from swimming, as the floors can be slippery. Damage orinjury arising as a result shall not be the responsibility of Lessor. Lessee accepts andacknowledges and indemnifies and holds the Lessor harmless from and against, anyliability resulting from any claims whatsoever as a consequence of accidents leading toinjury or loss of life of any guests or visitors of the Villa for the duration of the rental. 23. **SMOKING** Smoking is not permitted within the villa. Smoking is permissible outside in thegrounds. If signs of smoking are found a $ 500 cleaning fee will be charged. Smokingis a breach of the rentals contract and can lead to the cancellation of the booking withno compensation. 24. **VALUABLES** A personal safe is provided in all bedrooms, it is strongly recommended that it be usedto store valuable items such as passports, cash, traveller’s cheques, mobile phones,cameras, etc. Any valuables left at the property are the guests’ sole responsibility andneither the Lessor nor the staff can be held responsible for any loss of, or damage to,personal property. 25. **ARTWORK** Villa Soraya contains many precious contemporary and antique art pieces. Thiscollection is part of the uniqueness of the villa. Guests must be aware of the uniquenature of these works of art and antiques and be especially cautious to avoid anydamage. Any damage to artworks and antiques during the rental period will be theresponsibility of the Lessee and any damages incurred by the Lessor will be set offagainst the security deposit referred to above and if these damages exceed the amountof the security deposit the Lessee shall be liable to compensate the Lessor for thedifference.